Rajesh Wankhade


Witnessing is a catalyst to the action. Throughout our lives we rarely witness, and other times, we are subconsciously reacting. Hardly, there has been a cognition of the divisive line between witnessing and reacting. In this process of immediate uncontrolled reactions, we, humankind, are an accumulation of a myriad of impressions or sanskaras, which constantly condition our conscience. And the conditioning merely does not belong to one lifetime! It is like a vast tree whose fruits, hitherto independent, are interconnected by prana or life that is beyond the reach of human grasp. What is the nature of this conditioning? And how are we affected by the process of the same in levying control, or becoming a cause to our future sustenance? Rajesh Wankhade’s present artistic experiments lay in ideating a visual form that would de-condition these marks of the traditional, conventional, and conditioned existence, bit by bit. In this process, his objectives lie in developing and achieving a nirvikar or a pure mind, which becomes supremely capable of witnessing existence as it is and not as he/she may think. Read More

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Selected Artwork for
Colours of Independence
An online Exhibition from 15 August to 30 Dec 2021